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Marsa alam


Twenty years ago Marsa Alam was little more than a sleepy fishing village, but the region's beautiful beaches and its' virgin coral reefs are set to make it a prime holiday spot.



It is located on the western shore of the Red Sea near the Tropic of Cancer where the Arabian Desert meets the Red Sea. It is about 280 km to the south of Hurghada. The city contains two villages (Shaikh Shazly and Baranees.



The main economic activities in marsa Alam are tourism and mining.Recently, Marsa Alam has become a fast growing tourist city due to its fantastic beaches, tranquility and wonderful climate and nature. Now Marsa Alam diving sites are  among the most attractive diving sites  in the Red Sea for experienced divers. Healthy coral reefs and the wide range of underwater wildlife such as dugongs and dolphins are the principal draw factors of the city. Samadai reef in Marsa Alam (also known as the home of dolphins) is one of the most popular diving sites around the world where you can watch a large group of harmless spinner dolphins. As a result of these characteristics, many high-standard hotels were built in Marsa Alam, so the city is ready for receiving more and more visitors.Gold mining is a new economic activity in Marsa Alam as El-Sukary Gold Mine, west of Marsa Alam, started working few years ago. The mine is a promising project which is expected to produce a big quantity of gold during the few next years. for more details



The native inhabitants of Marsa Alam mainly belong to two tribes, ababda and Besharya, who inhabit all around the southern area of the Red Sea Governorate. After starting the new economic activities, many people came to live and work in the city from around Egypt, specially young people.

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