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Important projects



Investment has much attention in Red Sea Governorate, and many fields of investment are available (tourist, industrial, service) which positively affect the comprehensive development in the Governorate.

Some of the important projects:

  1. Water desalination project in Ras Ghareb, with capacity of 200000 cubic meter/day, implemented by the Egyptian Armed Forces

- Project goals:


(1) Increasing fresh water supply in the Governorate from 70000 cubic meter/day to 270000 cubic meter/day to meet Governorate's need until 2017

(2) Decreasing the dependence on the use of river Nile water as a strategic goal of the whole country.

(3) The creation of new job chances


- Project components:

(1) First Phase: Huge desalination unite with capacity of 100000 cubic meter/day

(2) Second Phase: The completion of the first phase so that it may produce 200000 cubic meter/day

(3) Pumping salt water into the salt-producing areas between Ras Ghareb and Shoqair (with total area of 13000 acres)

  1. 2- Electricity production by the use of solar energy

- Project goals:

(1) Using the renewable energy as a source that is compatible with the environment

(2) Decreasing the pressure on the main electricity network

- The available information about the first Egyptian solar power plant in Koraimat:

a. Project space : 600000 sq meter

b. Cost: 250000000 US $

(3) Finance: A grant donated by the International Environmental Association – A soft loan presented by the Japanese International Cooperation Bank

(4) Production capacity: the plant includes 130000 movable mirror with total capacity of 140 mega watt linked to the national electricity network of Egypt.

(5) The project saves about 10000 tons of oil every year and reduces the emission of 20000 tons of dioxide carbon

it should be noted that Egypt has to provide  20%  of the total electricity demand from the renewable resources by 2020.

  1. 3- Waste recycling project by the use of the waste produced by hotels and resorts

- Project information:

(1) Cost: 90000000 €

(2) Implementation: By the Swedish Catchina Company which has implemented a similar project in Kafr El-Shaikh – Egypt

- Project goals:


(1) The conversion of waste into electricity

(2) Recycling garbage and converting it into a substance used in the production of plastic, paper, glass, metals, … etc.

(3) The conversion of the green garbage into organic fertilizers

(4) The safe disposal of waste ( waste contains more than 39 carcinogenic substances found in the waste of cars, paintings, house cleaning materials, chemical substances and pesticides.

(5) Producing fuel for the cars that transport waste.

(6) Creating 300 new job chances

(7) The elimination of groundwater pollution resulted by the bury of waste.

  1. 4- Petrochemical project in Qusair to be implemented by the Armed Forces

-  Project goals:


(1)   The use of Phosphate available In Qusair in the industry by:

a. Establishing a factory to produce Super Phosphate Fertilizer.

b. Establishing a factory to produce Phosphoric Acid


- Project side effects:

(1) There are reports that warn against the project's dangerous environmental effects that affect humans. Animals and plants, therefore, it is important to obtain  the necessary environmental permits to get the final accreditation for the project and to determine the project's effects on the maritime environment especially under the global follow-up of the Red Sea pollution levels and to avoid getting involved in any conflicts in this concern.

  1. 5- The project of constructing a dry port in Safaga

In the frame of upgrading Safaga Port to finish crowdness and provide more spaces for exporters and importers and to facilitate the administrative procedures.

-  Project goals:

(1)   The elimination  of crowdness in Safaga Port

(2)   The creation of new job chances

(3)   Providing more spaces for containers and more stores for Exporters and importers

(4)   Taking customs and administrative procedures in the dry port instead of the sea port saves 30 – 40% of used time.

(5)   Organizing the movement of the passengers (entry/exit), customs and administrative procedures and maritime agencies

(6)   Scheduling the exported goods according to the ship movement

(7)   Upgrading Safaga sea port

-  Finance: We suggest to implement the project by a grant donated by UAE


  1. 6- The project of Safaga containers terminal to serve the industrial cities in Upper Egypt
The project shall be implemented by The Holding Transportation Company

-  Project goals:

(1)   The completion the major development pivot to directly link the biggest three cities in the Upper Egypt with Safaga.

(2)   Linking the Upper Egypt with the international trade and establishing a modern integrated containers terminal three hours away from the industrial cities in Upper Egypt

(3)   Creating new job chances


-   Available information about the project:

(1)   Project Area : 2000000 sq m in the area behind Abu-Tartoor port

(2)   Cost: 670000000 LE

(3)   Finance: by the Holding Transportation Company

(4)   Production Capacity: establishing a terminal with total capacity of half a million containers a year until it reaches 1.2 million containers a year.

-  Procedures taken for the project in the Governorate:

(1)   The Holding Transportation Company proposed the project after the launch of Red Sea / Upper Egypt road by the Governor on 2/6/2010.

(2)   Safaga City Council responded that the required space is available.

(3)   The Holding Transportation Company was asked to prepare the feasibility study, the financial situation and the necessary documents of the company. The company responded to this request.

(4)   Investment committee shall be held after the issuance of the regulations organizing dealing with state lands by the Egyptian Cabinet.


7- The project of an International Conference and Qualitative Tourism Center:

The establishment of an International Conference Center in Hurghada with total area of 300000 – 500000 sq m


- Project Goals:

(1)   Adding conference tourism in Hurghada to the international tourist agenda to achieve a tremendous tourist propaganda leading to increasing tourism and investment levels in Red Sea Governorate.

(2)   Adding local and international tourism to the tourist agenda of Red Sea Governorate.

(3)   The creation of new job chances


- The proposal of the project :

(1)   A hotel and international conference center

(2)   Olympic and entertainment swimming pools

(3)   Tennis and squash courts equipped for organizing the international championships to add Egypt to the global map in this field.

(4)   Standard golf courses

(5)   Entertainment and trade malls

(6)   A sport academy to host the training camps of the Egyptian and international teams in addition to the young people in the Governorate.



Important projects in the field of agriculture

  1. 1- Cultivation of Al-Hawashia valley in Ras Ghareb

-  Purpose: Cultivation of 26000 acres depending on groundwater and floods water through the construction of dams. This will create about 5200 new job chances.

- The authorities that make the studies:

a. The Institute of Desert Research (The Ministry of Agriculture)

b. The Institute of Water Resources Research (The Ministry o Water Resources)

-  Cost: 18000000 LE to complete the studies and industrial works

  1. 2- Greenhouse project in Airport road – Hurghada

-   Purpose: Building 10 greenhouses to provide fresh vegetables

-   Cost: 72686 LE

-   Total production: 42 tons of (cucumber, tomato, pepper, …etc) 

  1. 3- Sheep breeding project

-   Purpose: Providing sheep with suitable prices especially during Al-Adha Feast

-  Cost: 650000 LE (financed by the Governorate)

- Total production: 500 heads of sheep

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