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Ras Gharib City  

Ras Ghareb is the second largest city in Red Sea Governorate and the most important Egyptian city in oil production..


 It is located 150 Km to the north of Hurghada on the Red Sea coast. It is bordered on the north by Suez Governorate, to the south by Gabal El-Zait region, to the east by Suez Gulf and to the west by the Governorates  of Al-Menia and Beni Suef. Two villages follow the city, Zaafarana to the north and Wadi Dara to the south.


In 1871, the French designer Gostave  Eiffel, who designed Eiffel  Tower in Paris, designed a lighthouse in Ras Ghareb, it was the only thing in the region then. Ras Ghareb is named after the mountain of (Ghareb), 1750 m high,  which is near to this region. The city was founded in 1932 with the start of the first oil production field


Oil production is the main economic activity in the city, many national, foreign, joint and private oil production  companies. in 1930 it produced 3/1 of the Egyptian production, it now produces about 70% of the total production.


About 60.000 people inhabit the city, most of which work in the oil production sector

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