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Pivots of development


Agricultural and livestock projects:


Agriculture is a basic element in the regional comprehensive and integrated development in Red Sea Governorate either through providing the food supply required for the development in the region or taking part in the attraction of new population from the crowded places over the Nile banks and confronting the expected increase in the population and consumption. The southern triangle (Shalateen, Halayeb, Abu-Ramad) is one of the most important places for the agricultural investment in addition to the other cities in the Governorate. Here are the areas suggested for the agricultural investment:


Ras Ghareb


Cultivation of 500000 acres in Araba valley (to the south of Zafarana), they can be irrigated by groundwater from El-Bowerat well

Cultivation of Ghareb basin by the groundwater in the area as it is possible to excavate 4000 cubic meters of medium-salinity water every day that can be used in irrigating citrus fruits and barely

Cultivation of Dara valley



Cultivation  of Esh Al-Malaha basin which has a lot of groundwater

Implementation of agricultural projects by using wastewater




Cultivation of 75000 acres in Qena valley, the western part can be irrigated by groundwater available in Nubian sandstone




Cultivation of about 50000 acres around the wells of phosphate mines spread all around Hamrawen, Gasus, Abu-Shgailah and Dawi

Marsa Alam

Cultivation of about 50000 acres in Wadi El-Gemal which contains a lot of groundwater

Shalateen, Halayeb, Abu-Ramad


- Cultivation of 250000 acres in this region as it has a groundwater tank near the Red Sea coast and in Hodain Valley. Lots of water is collected from floods, it only needs to prepare places to exploit the collected water in the cultivation of this area which receives seasonal rains and contains a lot of groundwater in the valleys that may contribute in making cultural development. There is a valley in this region called De'aib valley, it wastes the water of floods and rain in the Red Sea, it only requires to build dams. This valley also contains a stock of groundwater and has good-soil lands.

Livestock projects:


- Shalateen, Abu-Ramad and Halayeb are main places that provides opportunities for livestock investment as there are 60 sites containing groundwater in 100 km-wide area to the south of Shalateen which is suitable for breeding cattle, camels and horses. Add to this the projects that can be established in the other cities

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