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Therapeutic Tourism


Red Sea is one of the richest environments of therapeutic value due to the  dry warm weather and the sands spread all along its coast  especially the miraculously healing ability of the black sand found in the city of Safaga  . 


Safag has gained a valuable position on the tourist map; not only due to the recreational tourism it presents, but also because of the black sands along its beaches The dry, moderate climate and the sun shinning all the year round make Safaga the best place in the world for the complete therapy of some incurable diseases.Patients with history of heart, kidney and liver diseases are advised never to go places which are under the sea level for harmful effects on their health. Safaga climate is suitable for those patients and causing no harm to their health.Safaga is also the best place in the world for the treatment and therapy of psoriasis, it is surrounded by high mountains working as a natural fence against wind and sand storms. The climate is moderate and the concentration of the sun rays and the ultraviolet rays help in the treatment and therapy of psoriasis.

The sea water is 35% saline, anyone swimming in the area will find himself floating easily on water surface. The gravity is low which helps in treating some diseases such as the vesicular deficiency and a high flow of the blood to the limbs.

Black Sand

Scientific research results proved that 40% of the sand in Safaga contains three radioactive minerals :Uranium, Thorium and Potassium which aid in the treatment of psoriasis, joint pains, and skin inflammation. The humidity is low and the ultraviolet rays help in curing different diseases.



Hurghada is situated 295 kilometers to the south of Suez. It has a moderate climate in winter and summer. The sea water is clear, the coral reefs and its marine life make it a center of attraction to fans of diving and marine sport. Hurghada combines between using the sea water and the mud extracted from the coral reefs treatment. The sun is always shinning and the sand is full of useful minerals besides the mud from the mines. 

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