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Hurghada City  is the capital of Red Sea Governorate, it is one of the most important scuba-diving tourist destinations around the world.



It is located on the western coast of the Red Sea, 500km south-east of Cairo, and stretches for about 36 kilometres (22 mi) along the seashore, and it does not reach far into the surrounding desert. Hurghada is bordered by Ras Gareb in the north, Safaga in the south, Red Sea coast in the east and Sohag and Assyut Governorates in the west.



It was initially developed in 1909 by British engineers engaged in oil exploration. By the 1920s a primitive . small village was established, but development soon started to promote the town as a scuba-diving tourist destination  .



Since the 1980s Hurghada has grown from a small fishing village to an internationally renowned resort town on the Red Sea Governorate  . It became an international center for aquatic sports like windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, swimming, and above all snorkeling and diving. The unique underwater gardens offshore are some of the finest in the world, justifiably famous amongst divers. Hurghada’s warm waters are ideal for many varieties of rare fish and coral reefs, which may also be observed through glass bottom boats.for more details

Hurghada is merging  the old with the new, and  boasts some of the finest hotel chains in Villages Road  and the tourist districts  around it like Sahel Hasheesh , or north of it and El-Gouna in the south. he city is served by the Hurghada International Airport that has direct connections with several cities in Europe for more details


Hurghada is inhabited by 860791 people (according to 2006 census), the majority of the inhabitants depend on tourism, and some of them work in fishing.

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