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Year-round sunshine, clear waters and magnificent  corals , wild deserts ,natural protectorates , &  mountains all  make   Red Sea Governorate  in Egypt an ideal tourist destination , The Egyptian Red Sea shore  extends with 1080 k.m known for its rich fauna and flora, particularly coral reefs and numerous fish species with a big number of unique marine habitats, including sea-grass beds, salt-pans, mangroves, coral reefs and salt marshes. Red sea Governorate 's  shore offering  the world's best water sports activities , you find superb visibility (up to 50 meters), abundant diverse fish life (over 1,000 species), countless varieties of hard and soft coral (over 200 species), year-round diving in comfortable water temperatures (18 to 26 Celsius), incredibly diverse underwater topography, spectacular wall and shipwreck destinations, sunny weather and pleasant air temperatures (18 to 35 Celsius), and easy access to diving locations. It is no surprise therefore that the area   is one of the most sought-after holidays  destinations .As a tourist in Red Sea Governorate you will enjoy  recreational tourism ( Diving ,Snorkeling , kite surfing )   or   Cliamthotherapy & wellness centers or Historical tourism  or Religious tourism

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