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The facilities presented for the investment in the Governorate

Investor's Service Office helps investors through finishing and following the procedures related to the projects proposed by investors as follows:

  1. Providing the technical and administrative advice so that the projects may comply with the Governorate's nature and fits investor's capabilities
  2. Purchasing land pieces for low prices and in installments to support investment in accordance with the decisions made by the land valuation committee.
  3. Preparation of tourist sites by making roads leading to them in accordance with the land scape of each city to facilitate reaching the sites.
  4. Presenting facilities and support to provide building materials through the Non-Food Association in the Governorate.
  5. Helping investors to speed up getting the necessary permits for construction.
  6. Granting the letters of mortgaging the superstructure for the projects that need this to get loans from the banks.
  7. Information support by providing necessary data, maps and satellite images.

**The possession of lands and real estates in Egypt for foreigners

In 1996 a presidential decree was issued coordinating the possession of lands and real estates in Egypt for foreigners  as following  :
  1. Non Egyptian are permitted to possess two real-estates or two pieces of land with a maximum space of 4000 meters of each.

  2. Non of the two real estates should be a monument.

  3. Construction has to be done within five years period of contract acquisition.

  4. Selling the real estate or the land  is allowed only after five years of contract acquisition  but a prime minister decree  can abolish this point.

  5. Non adhering to the above mentioned is void and null. 

  6. The official registry authority offices are the official ones applying  the above mentioned points in ten days period after fulfilling the necessary forms for the application

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