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Environmental tourism


It's considered one of the touristic constituents in Red Sea Governorate.


Definition of Environmental Tourism

The idea came when leaders of the environment movement had paid attention to merging abilities of citizens' interest of environment and their concern about it, thus this idea was developed during the last five years, it gets a lot of attentions these days. Environmental tourism is considered a recreational kind which clarifies the valuation between tourism and environment. Environmental tourism is a natural enjoyment of what's surround us from terrestrial and marine environment.  

In this context the definition of environmental tourism which defined by international fund for environment is: traveling to natural areas not polluted and its natural balance has no defect to enjoy its views plants, animals, and civilizations in past and present


It's clear that environmental tourism depends on the nature and its magnificent view.

Some activities that connected with environmental tourism are as followed  

- Hunting of birds and fish
- Climbing of mountains
- Marine sports and diving of coral reef
- Admiring of nature and exploring its contents
- Trips of forest and observing birds and animals
- exploring mountains and sink ages
- Going camping
- Trips of safari and desert
- Nature photography
- Visiting places of archeological excavation
- Wandering about archeological places


Tourism and environmental balance


Environmental tourism is established on not creating any defects of the environmental balance which produced by human behaviors and led to pollution. This created another relation between environmental tourism and the understanding of sustainable development where it's considered a way for human uplifting.


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