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Touristic investment  

First: The general tourist planning of Red Sea Governorate:

Red Sea Governorate contains a number of planned zones:

  1. Ras Ghareb zone:

a. Zafarana sector                                      b. Gamsha sector

    2. Hurghada zone:


a. New Hurghada sector in the north           b. Tourist Center sector

c. Sahl Hasheesh sector                             d. Abu-Elmakhadeg bay sector

e. Abu-Soma cape sector  


    3. Safaga zone:


a. Sharm El-Naga and and Abu-Soma Cape sector     

b. Tourist Center sector to the north     c. Southern sector

    4. Qusair zone:


a. Northern sector and Kalawy Beach      b. Southern sector, Zoraib Tourist Center

    5. Marsa Alam zone:


    6. Shalateen zone:


* Southern Triangle sector in Shalateen, Abu-Ramad and Halayeb

Second: The available elements to establish touristic projects in Red Sea Governorate


* The natural elements necessary for tourist investment:


a. A chain of colorful rocky mountains extends along the Red Sea coast providing a wonderful background to the beach. The mines which were used in the ancient ages are spread all around the area, those mines made Egypt one of the richest countries at that time as they were used to excavate gold, diamonds and valuable stones like schist stone, white granite ..etc

b. The beaches of the Red Sea coast are characterized with clear blue water, calm waves and a paradise of colorful coral reefs underwater which contains a number of rare and colorful fish.

c. The moderate climate all along the year is the reason for using the resorts of the Governorate both in summer and winter

d. The various national parks that includes so much of biological diversity

e. Valleys and archaeological, religious and curative regions

f. The black sands which are used to cure rheumatoid and psoriasis

Third: The touristic projects proposed to be implemented in the Governorate:

  1. projects of tourist villages, hotels, motels and camps in Safaga, Qusair, Marsa Alam, southern triangle (Shalateen – Abu-Ramad – Halayeb) and Zafarana. Project lands are allocated according to the vacant areas.
  2. Cinemas, amusement parks and malls, they are proposed to be established in (Hurghada – Safaga – Qusair – Marsa Alam)
  3. Fairs, aquariums, sports centers, golf courses, billiards and bowling halls proposed to be implemented in (Hurghada – Safaga – Qusair - Marsa Alam -Zafarana)
  4. Centers for providing diving equipment in (Hurghada – Safaga – Qusair -Marsa Alam)
  5. Tourist companies that provide safari trips in (Hurghada – Safaga – Qusair -Marsa Alam)
  6. Ship repair yards in (Hurghada - Safaga - Qusair - Marsa Alam)
  7. Internal shipping lines connecting the ports of (Hurghada – Safaga - Marsa Alam) with the ports of Al-Tour – Nowaiba – Taba - sharm El-Shaikh and Port Tawfiq in Suez. In addition to international shipping line to connect the ports of the Governorate with the ports the Red Sea and Arab Gulf.
  8. Establishing integrated projects for underwater imaging in Hurghada and Marsa Alam.
  9. International conference center in Hurghada
  10. A hotel school in both Hurghada and Qusair
  11. Schools for teaching diving and swimming that graduate divers and specialized trainers in (Hurghada – Safaga – Marsa Alam)
  12. Using the islands in the construction of suitable projects in accordance with environmental laws.
  13. Small and medium industries for providing hotel equipment
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