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Monastery of St Anthony

The Monastery of St Anthony was founded at the foot of a mountain in 356 AD southeast of Zafarana. The monastery, named after the father of Christian monasticism, was built two kilometers south of the cave where St Anthony (c. 251-356 AD) retreated to pursue an isolated ascetic life. Today, about 70 monks live in the Coptic monastery that is open to visitors from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. A few overnight stays can be arranged at their guesthouse in advance. Of great interest is the ancient church where St Anthony is buried. You can see the recently restored and striking wall paintings of various periods and styles. The monastery's holds over 1,700 ancient handwritten manuscripts. The saint's cave is 680 meters above sea level and contains some interesting writings and drawings as well as spectacular vistas of mountains, the Red Sea and the valley below
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