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Diving Marsa Alam
For many visitors, scuba diving in Marsa Alam is the resort’s major attraction. Ideally located on the Red Sea’s Western coast, Marsa Alam is the perfect place to discover kilometers of beautiful coral reefs and an abundance of magnificently colored sea life. Marsa Alam diving holidays offer access to a number of spectacular dive sites that still remain relatively not crowded , allowing holiday makers to discover the area's ship wrecks, coral walls and underwater gardens in peace.
Marsa Alam's Top Red Sea Diving Spots Elphinstone
Situated 6.5 nautical miles from the Marsa Alam coast, the Elphinstone site is teeming with sea life including sea turtles and anthias. An impressive variety of sharks are also known to visit the reef, including hammerheads, grey reef sharks and from October to January, white-tip sharks. The Elphinstone site is suitable for sea users of all skill levels, from snorkellers to experienced divers. The reef's northern plateau is very shallow, offering superb snorkeling possibilities, whilst the southern plateau is much deeper, with a drop-off at 30m (100ft) leading down to depths of up to 70m.

Shaab Samadai (Dolphin House)/strong>

Nicknamed Dolphin House in reference to the pod of 60 or so spinner dolphins that frequent the site, Shaab Samadai is a horseshoe shaped reef off of the southern Marsa Alam coast. In addition to the playful spinner dolphins that reside here, the shallow, turquoise  is also populated by schools of reef fish including leopard groupers, lionfish and masked butterfly fish. Shaab Samadai has 3 distinct scuba diving areas; the outer reef, the underwater caves and the pinnacles located to the south of the reef, with depths varying from 5m to 25m
Fury Shoal
A network of hard coral formations make up the complex reef system of Fury Shoal. Inhabited by a variety of pelagic fish, dolphins and several species of shark, Fury Shoal is a diverse coral garden and a spectacular dive site. Aside from the endless colorful sea life, the lagoon also contains the wrecks of a tugboat and a sailing ship for your exploration

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