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The shrine of Abu El Hassan el shazli
At the southwestern border of Wadi El Gemal National Park  lays the shrine of Abu El Hassan el Shazli , the most famous Islamic Shrine in the Eastern Desert . El Sazli is one of the figures of Sufism , he was born in Moraco where he grow up and became  a religious thinker . ElShazli traveled widely in his religious quest . He traveled to Baghdad and then Tunisia where he lived in a town called Shazla ( hence his name ) . Then he moved to Tunis , where he became a popular figure . He in Al Attarin Mosque . Then he moved to Cairo and after that to Upper Egypt . In  1258 , on his way to perform pilgrimage eventually traveled to Egypt and stayed in Alexandria where he preached to Mecca  Abu el Hassan el Shazli died in Wadi Homaythara where he is buried . A shrine was built for him and became a popular site for the followers of his school from Egypt and North Africa .The Ministry of Islamic Endowments built the new Shazli Mosque in 1969 .
الحجم : 2.26 ميجا الحجم : 0.98 ميجا الحجم : 19.8 ميجا
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