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 Buy a Camel 

The Camel Market, one of Shalateen’s most memorable attractions, lies in the vast backyard of this small town and has thousands of camels on display. Buyers from all across Egypt converge here to choose from the different breeds brought by herders who come from Sudan on foot. Some buyers want fine-looking white camels, possibly for tourist-related businesses; others look for strong, well-built camels that can handle hard labor, while many are just looking for pounds of meat.After the shopping is done, the camels are taken to the loading area, where they climb into the trucks with the help of man-made platforms and ramps. If this area is too crowded, the men have no choice but to heft the camel into the truck themselves. Riding a camel is easy, but carrying it is hard. It takes about half a dozen men to lift one small camel into a  truck

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