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El Quseir is a little quite town with a a great  important past. From Queen Hatchepsut's army to the Sultan's pilgrims bound to Mecca, from the Roman centurions to the Renaissance Arab merchants, many people have used this remote outpost on the Red Sea coast during the past four thousand years as a starting point to go exploring, expanding and trading with remote oriental lands. Today , El Quseir is a town devoted to tourism, with marvels  diving sites and beautiful tourist resorts for a perfect holiday in the Red Sea Governorate  .Quseir was also a major point for pilgrims leaving from Egypt to Mecca, as well as a significant trade route for spices from India to Britain. The ancient port ( El Quseir el Qadim) is still remaining north of town. Today, the  great historical charm of Quseir is apparent in some restored buildings, with their mashrabeyas and beautiful stone walls. The renewed sea promenade is unique in the Red Sea Riviera, with its score of bars and restaurants right

on the beach and a walkway along the old buildings. The imposing Ottoman Fortress of Sultan Selim, conquered also by Napoleon and later restored as well and has a visitors’ centre open until 5pm.Quseir is popular among divers for its pristine and unpopulated dive sites, and well known for peaceful beaches and transparent waters: an excellent location to slow down the pace.

El Quseir is also on the doorstep of the awe-inspiring Eastern Desert. Located at the end of the fabled Wadi Hammamat, the ancient road connecting East and West through the Nile Valley, it offers a number of great land activities. With its breathtaking views and unforgettable atmosphere, the Eastern Desert is a land of exhilarating boundlessness, and a favorite destination for an endless series of excursions and activities. Most desert trips include the visit to a typical Bedouin settlement, where you will be shown how this timeless nomad people lives in harmony with its very harsh land.

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