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Mersa Gawasis  

Mersa Gawasis is the only recorded Pharaonic coastal site on the Red Sea. The site is located at the mouth of Wadi Gawasis, 25 km to the south of Safaga and 50 km to the north of al-Quseir. The site occupies the top and slopes of a coral terrace, which is bordered by the seashore to the east, the wadi to the south.

In the site  The Quseir shipwreck is what remains of an ancient Roman shipwreck located at Quesir which dates from between the 1st century B.C. and the 1st century A.D. It is believed to have belonged to Emperor Augustus and may have been on an outbound voyage to India.

The location of the wreck has been known to the Institute of Nautical Archaeology-Egypt (INA-Egypt) since 1993 and surveys conducted in 1994 by the team of Douglas Haldane revealed amphorae (A cylindrical two-handled amphora with oval-section handles and an almond-shaped rim) from Italy on the wreck site which assisted in dating the poorly preserved wreck lying in 65 meters of water near the ancient harbor.

The wooden ship was strongly built and was approximately 33 meters in length, and would have possibly been carrying Italian wine, gold and silver to be used as currency, as well as containing articles and implements of daily life aboard ship.


Excavation of the harbor and former settlement at Quseir EL-Qadim have provided indicators pointing towards trade with India. The port, called Myos Hromos,or "Mussel Harbor", at that time was the Roman Empire's main port for trade with North Africa and points beyond and is mentioned in the texts of Pliny, Strabo, and Periplus. Imported goods would have arrived at Myos Hromos and then be shipped north to the port of Quft, and then on to Alexandria for shipping to the rest of the Mediterranean sea

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