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Snorkeling sites in Safaga   

Safaga is a large, calm water bay with a series of nice sandy beaches along its shore. Snorkelling in Safaga is easy and ideal for kids. Just remember that the bay is a favourite spot for board sports enthusiasts, so always check out for where the windsurfers’ action is! A favourite among tourists though is the half day or full day excursion to Tobia Island, a flat sandbank located in the middle of the bay.Snorkelling is ”the” watersport par excellence in the Red Sea. With the wealth of underwater life in all destinations, snorkelling is an easy and very enjoyable way to spend some time and discover the wonders of the marine life. Whether you go out from your resort beach, or you spend a day or half a day on a snorkelling boat, you will collect unforgettable memories!In the Red Sea, snorkelling is particularly easy, as the high salinity of the water allows you to float almost without effort. Follow though our Snorkelling Guide tips, for those areas where currents and waves can make it a bit more challenging
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