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Safaga: Top Beginner Dive Sites


Safaga bay has an outstanding selection of lovely dive sites for beginners and easy-going divers. The large bay and Safaga Island create an environment generally protected from strong currents and wind, which makes the sites ideal also for non-diving companions willing to spend a day on a boat, swimming and snorkeling in top Red Sea waters. Enjoy and always remember the main rule when diving or snorkeling: never touch the corals, never stand on them, never feed or harass the underwater creatures!

site : Sha'ab Saiman Garden
Max Depth: 30 meters Visibility: 40 meters
Dive Type: Moored dive

Notes: It is like visiting a virgin rain forest! A little jewel, although difficult to reach in windy conditions. Luscious coral garden permanently nurtured by constant currents. Hundreds of different coral species and barrier fish ensure a rewarding dive. It seems to be purpose-made scenery for u/w photographers and videographers. A perfect place for snorkeling, weather conditions permitting.
Site: Tobia Arbaa (also known as Seven Pillars or Seven Towers)
Max Depth: 20 meters
Visibility: 30 meters
Dive Type: Moored dive

Notes: Named the "seven pillars" after the small pinnacles rising from a sandy bottom. One of the best dives in Safaga, despite the shallow bottom, sometimes cause of not perfect visibility. Soft corals cover all the seven ergs, glassfish, gorgonians, giant puffer fish, octopus, blue spotted rays, morays, lionfish, sergeant majors, nudibranches, etc..

Site: Gamul Kebir
Max Depth: 15 meters                                                        
Visibility: 30 meters

Dive Type: Moored dive

Notes: A lagoon-shaped reef situated in the middle of Safaga Bay with several dive sites. The highlight of this popular site is the eel garden by the pinnacles on the northeast side. Approaching the area, it looks like a sea grass garden - getting closer you will be surprised to discover that the long black "leaves" dancing in the soft current are dozens of sand eels having lunch. Another interesting site to explore is the real sea grass garden, on the eastern side, where small sharks and eagle rays can be found frequently. If you are extremely lucky, you could even meet the elusive and timid dugong occasionally feeding on sea grass. On the north part there are several coral heads covered in soft coral, and stingrays and nurse sharks are often seen there

Site: Ras Abu Soma
Max Depth: 80 meters
Visibility: 40 meters
Dive Type: Coastal reef - Moored dive / Beach access

Notes: On the northern tip of Safaga Bay lies the panoramic Abu Soma, a peninsula surrounded by a fringing reef, rich with top quality dive sites. Can be accessed also from the 500 meters long jetty at the Sheraton Soma Bay Hotel. The reef slopes gently to a plateau at around 25 meters and drops off with caves and overhangs rich with schooling reef fish, giant moray eels and healthy hard corals. Occasionally we spotted a large group of migrating fish out in the blue. But amazing sights can be seen just snorkeling from the beach or the jetty

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