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Polish tourism on the rise
 Last week alone, the amount of holidays sold by Polish travel agents was 20 percent higher than the analogous period last year. The most important thing for tourists, free daily newspaper Metro, says, is that many Poles seem to feel that the financial situation of many travel agents has improved, and therefore feel safer making such purchases. In May 2014, there were 493 travel agents on the national debtors list, while the number in March this year had dropped to 324. The collective debt had also dropped significantly from PLN 11.9 million to PLN 8.6 million – that is from EUR 2.85 million to 2.13 million. The most popular destinations among Polish holidaymakers this year include Antalya in Turkey, as well as Egypt’s Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh coastal towns. According to the Polish Association of Tour Operators, a nine day holiday in Egypt would cost around PLN 2,267 (EUR 550), while a similar holiday in Crete would set you back PLN 2,712 (EUR 650). (rg)
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