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Egypt is incomparable tourist destination
 Klaus Gengenbach, Vice President of German Travel Industry Club, stressed on Wednesday 4/3/2015 that Egypt is an incomparable tourist destination as it has its own irresistible magic. He expressed support for the efforts of Egyptian Tourism Ministry to promote tourism, which was hardly hit after the January 25 revolution, and address challenges to lure more tourists. Gengenbach was speaking on the sidelines of a ceremony in which Egyptian Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou received Egypt's award for the best tourist destination. About the latest decision of the German government to lift travel ban to South Sinai, he said people who visited Egypt know very well that the government fully secures its guests especially in Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh and Luxor. Gengenbach added that those who did not visit Egypt, are worried by news circulated in the media about security. He expressed confidence that tourism movement to Egypt would double within the coming period. This is the first time that the club hands over an award to a country. The award is usually dedicated to individuals or travel agencies but this time it was given to Egypt in recognition of its efforts to promote tourism. MENA
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