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Tourism Promotion Authority Arab countries involved in the first celebrations of the Arab Tourism Day Feb.
 from strategy and the Ministry of Tourism in the restoration movement tourist coming from the Arab market and work to increase as support Ossayasa Tours Egyptian, has agreed HE Minister of Tourism – Hisham Zazou care preliminary figures celebrations “Tourism Day Arab” under the theme “Towards Tourism is Arab integrated” on Twenty-fourth of Feb. in Hurghada, to commemorate the Arab traveler “Ibn Battuta” and its role in highlighting the importance and the role of tourism This will see the ceremony, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Abdullah – Red Sea governor and a group of ministers, ambassadors and senior officials of tourism figures scheduled to be honored from various Arab countries and representatives of international and local media. Said Mr. Sami Mahmoud – Head of the Tourism Promotion Authority, the importance of the event, which is one of the important events that contribute effectively to the revitalization of Arab tourism movement and improving the image of Egypt tourist, especially since it will be held for the first time in the Arab world and will be hosted by Egypt after the approval of the Council of Arab Ministers of Tourism in its 17 Meeting held No. League of Arab States in Cairo and the proposed HE Sheikha / Mei girl Mohammed Al Khalifa – minister of Culture of the Kingdom of Bahrain, which was adopted by the Arab Tourism Organization, pointing out that the celebration this year coincides with the imminent launch of ministry and the Commission for the campaign “neighbor Egypt” in order to activate the Arab tourism. For his part, Mr. Major General Ahmed Hamdi pointed – Vice President of Tourism Promotion Authority, that the event simulates the idea is World Tourism Day and witnessed and celebrated by the different countries of the world this event and Homasidam in Vaalyate that will be of interest to the Arab world especially as he thought and his hand will contribute effectively to the consolidate aspects of tourism cooperation on the Arab level. Revealed “Arab Organization for Tourism” for reasons selected the theme “Towards an Arab integrated Tours” and the belief in the inevitability of the Arab tourism integration and the necessity of Arab tourism development of joint programs to be Arab region tourist destination and a joint announcement of the logo in the Arab Tourism Day celebration day so that programs and plans of the organization will focus during the day to support this concept. The event will also feature an extensive media coverage at both the international and domestic figures for the transfer of the event, in addition to celebrating the websites of official tourism enterprises with the included official words that relate to the occasion to promote the importance of tourism at the community scale. As for the figures of the event, the concert Vikhall words highlight the importance of the tourism sector at local and regional level, with the highlight on movement and the extent of tourist importance and its role in the Arab economies and provide job opportunities in addition to their active role in the promotion and development of Arab relations interfaces. On the sidelines of the ceremony will be held mini-ministerial meeting at the level of the Arab Tourism Ministers to discuss ways and aspects of the promotion and revitalization of Arab tourism and come up with recommendations final agreed upon in this regard in the form of a protocol of cooperation between the participating countries.
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