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Russia to open consulate in Hurghada to boost tourism
 CAIRO: Moscow plans to open a new consulate in Hurgada governorate due to the increasing number of the Russian tourists, said Yevgeny Ivanov, head of the consular department of the Russian Foreign Ministry. “It is better to talk about improving our consular presence in countries such as Egypt,” he said in an interview to the Russian News Agency (TASS) that was published Saturday. However, he did not mention when the consulate would be opened. “President Putin has focused on the encouragement of tourism return to Egypt,” said Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in a news conference Tuesday with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Cairo, adding “Egypt is looking forward to an increase in the number of Russian tourists.” President Putin expressed his satisfaction with the increase in the number of Russian tourists visiting Egypt, which had exceeded 3 million in 2014, and he noted that continued stability in Egypt contributed to the increase in the influx of holidaymakers.
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