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12 Out of This World Beaches in Egypt
 This natural pool beach was formed after a meteor hit planet earth, it is located 14 km south of Marsa Alam. Ras Banas in Marsa Alam A Red Sea peninsula located near the Egyptian-Sudanese borders, offering a delightful adventure to divers, and a pleasant experience for swimmers who want to enjoy watching coral reefs and colourful fish through its clear waters without going the extra mile, hence "diving or snorkelling". Sunken City in Sahl Hasheesh It's not an exaggeration when we say that the great Pharaohs have left their stains everywhere in Egypt; the Sunken City of Sahl Hasheesh is just another proof of that. Explore the beauty of a Pharaoh city that sank thousands of years ago while snorkelling or diving. El-Mahmya in Hurghada Located on the southern shores of Giftun Island, this is a getaway to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, stunning sunset views, a meal or a drink from the many restaurants serving seafood and Italian food as well. A paradise on earth it is. Sharm El-Naga Bay close by Safaga Only few kilometres from northern Safaga lies Sharm El-Naga Bay, although one of a kind Red Sea destination famous for water sports and climatotherapy, Safaga is unfortunately an underrated destination, that's not getting as much attention as its peers. What's very special about Sharm El-Naga is how the coral reefs are close to shore, so you do not need to take a boat or swim for a long distance to reach that little piece of heaven. Be ready to spot octopuses, colourful fish, beautiful, healthy and full of life fire & fan corals while enjoy fresh crystal clear waters. Wadi Qulaan in Marsa Alam Wadi Qulaan is located inside Wadi El-Gemal Protected Area in Marsa Alam, which another escape from touristic beaches, and a place to enjoy unspoiled nature. Apart from swimming, those seeking adventure can get around the protected area to enjoy hiking and bird watching, and discover Gabal Hamata where ibex and gazelles are still found. The Fjord in Taba Along the coastal route from Nuweibaa to Taba -15km south of Taba to be exact-, a flashing blue colour will stop you, hence the Fjord. An amazing beach, also a diving spot, offering crystal clear water, dazzling coral reefs and an exceptional marine life. For experienced divers The Fjord is the place, the Fjord Banana is an alternative to the less experienced. Agiba Beach in Marsa Matrouh Marsa Matrouh which is located in far faraway lands, driving further away for an extra 24 km west of it to reach the surreal Agiba beach won't kill you, it'll actually leave you speechless. "Agiba" is a slice of paradise on earth, clear, and insanely turquoise waters that cannot fail to tempt you to take a dip. Soma Bay near Hurghada It seems that Hurghada has an endless list of beaches, bays and islands to explore. Located 45 km south of Hurghada Airport is Soma Bay, a peninsula surrounded on all sided by the sea, only accessed via a 7 km private road through a single controlled entry gate. The peninsula has 5 resorts, many diving spots, a hub for water-sports, golf courses, and features one of the largest spas and thalassotherapy -medical use of seawater as a type of therapy- centres in the region. Island of the Pharaoh (Geziret Fer3on) in Taba An amazing diving spot, and a place offering views over Saudi Arabia & Jordan. It's also a chance to visit Salah El-Din's strategic fortress easily reached by boat from Taba coast. Ras Shitan (Devil's Head) in Nuweibaa The name is derived from Ras Shataan, that's the way Ras Shitan is formed which is on the two sides of a huge rock. Experienced divers out there get ready for an unforgettable dive that offers underwater canyons, caves, mountains, plateaus, hard corals, well preserved landscapes, puffer fish, you name it, and most of all anemones coming in all colours. Abu Galoum in Dahab Located inside Ras Abu Galoum Protected Area to the north of Nabq. It's a diving spot famous for beautiful coral reefs, it is also homes several species such as the Nubian Ibex (mountainous goat) only found in mountainous areas. It's a great place for hiking, camel & 4—4 safari with stunning views of high coastal mountains. Are you ready for the next beach holiday?
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