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Hurghada celebrates World Women Driving Day for motorcycles for the second year in a row
 Under the patronage of the Red Sea Governorate, the World Women's Driving Day was celebrated for the second consecutive year with the participation of 20 tourists from several countries, including Germany, Italy, Russia, the Netherlands, Poland, Tunisia, England and Australia, in several areas of Hurghada, Dahar, "In celebration of the International Women's Driving Day. The event was also attended by the "Together" charity association in the Red Sea. The aim is to activate tourism in Egypt by attracting motorcyclists from the world to visit Egypt and the Red Sea and enjoy safe driving in a wonderful atmosphere. The aim of this event is to send a message to the world that Egypt has a motorcycle driving sport for women, who wants to join the rest of the world in this sport, and even surpass them, and work to spread a culture of respect for girls who They drive motorcycles in the Egyptian street and support them. It is noteworthy that the celebration of the International Day for the Leadership of Women's Motorcycle began in America in 2007, by professional groups to drive women's motorcycles, and is held annually in all countries of the world, on the first Saturday in May
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