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Red Sea Governor attends festival to activate coastal tourism in Hurghada
 Red Sea Governor Ahmad Abdullah attended a festival to activate beach tourism in Hurghada. A number of diving companies and centers operating in Hurghada City organized a festival to activate beach tourism in Hurghada City. They organized competitions in diving, kite surf and other marine sports. Abdullah said during his speech that this festival helps in activating tourism. He pointed out that the festival included competitions of skills review in kate serve. The festival also included a boat trip to the dolphin area where the contestants participated in the diving of his compound, The governor added that the festival also included for the first time a parachute flying foreigners and Egyptians in the sky of the city of Hurghada, carrying the media for many of the countries of the Arab and Egyptian. In the same context, the Red Sea Governor said that the Red Sea as a tourist destination for the practice of sea and beach sports is one of the most popular tourist areas, thanks to the length of the coast of sandy beaches, which extends from Hurghada to the south of the city of Morsi more than 360 km, The Red Sea has the best diving areas with unique coral reefs, making it a top tourist destination and the highest diving destination in the world.
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