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Red Sea Governor reviews security situation and travel procedures at Hurghada Airport
  Major General Ahmad Abdullah, the Governor of the Red Sea, visited the Hurghada International Airport to follow up the security situation, travel procedures and arrival at the new airport, accompanied by Major General Mohamed Tawfiq Al Hamzawy, Director of the Red Sea Security and some of the security and executive leaders at the airport. The governor praised the security situation at the airport, adding that it is necessary to regulate the travel of passengers, not to violate the security procedures followed by the airport administration, adding that the process of regulation will work to prevent any congestion of passengers, either in the arrival halls or travel halls. He also pointed to the increase in the number of workers at the gates of entry and exit during the arrival of passengers in the arrival halls and travel and that will help to organize the completion of all travel procedures and provide the best services for travelers. Stressing that the organization is the quality of work. On the other hand, the governor was keen to inquire about the security situation and the travel procedures by inspecting the travel halls for the departures to their country, in order to follow the progress of the security measures taken towards them during the departure, where he confirmed that all tourists come to Egypt and look on their faces the happiness of spending their holiday in the province
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