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Abdullah and Rashid participate in the opening of a workshop on German tourism
  Major General Ahmad Abdullah, Governor of the Red Sea, and Tourism Minister Yahya Rashid on Friday evening inaugurated a workshop in a hotel in Hurghada organized by the Tourist Office in Berlin, Germany, in cooperation with FVW, the largest professional magazine specializing in tourism in Germany, In order to reach solutions to problems in the field of tourism between the German side and service providers in Egypt. The event will include lectures on how to promote the Egyptian tourist destination, with a group of the largest tour operators in Germany, including Tue, NICKERMAN, TORISTIC, FTI and Sun Express. For his part, the Governor of the Red Sea said that this workshop comes at a time of increasing demand of the German market for the Egyptian tourist destination, adding that there is continuous cooperation between the Berlin office and many companies specialized in the German market in Egypt. For his part, the Director of the Tourist Office in Berlin said that the workshop will have a positive impact. It will lead to the sales movement of the Egyptian tourist destination. It will also be announced in the FVW magazine. A live online report will be made during the event. The delegation will visit the tourist and archaeological sites in Luxor on the sidelines of the workshop to restore the movement of cultural tourism, especially Nile tourism from German market to the former Her reign.
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