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Abdullah meets wtih journalists and representatives of Czech tourism companies at Prague in Czech
 Visas to Egypt compared to the original plans will raise prices. Price single tourist visa to the country for this season will remain at the level of last year, ie 25 dollars (634 dollars). At the Monday press conference in Prague's governors said areas of the Red Sea and South Sinai. $ 60 price increase was originally planned while already since July. Egyptian Ambassador to the Czech Republic Abdar Saláhaddín Rahman at a press conference that hopes that this step will contribute to the fact that Egypt is back as one of the leading destinations for Czech tourists looking for relaxation and culture. According to the Red Sea Governor Ahmed Abdullah Egyptians they have used over the past years, when attendance fell countries, especially the reconstruction of some hotels and completion of airport security measures. "We want to support optional excursions, hardly any country in the world offers a view of such cultural and historical monuments such as Egypt now," said Abdullah. This came on the sidelines of a press conference held yesterday under the chairmanship of His Excellency, which included more than 70 journalists and 90 representatives of Czech tourism companies at Prague in Czech
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