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Abdullah attend the the launch of the first International Masters tournament in Hurghada
  Maj.Gen. Ahmed Abdullah Red Sea Governor attendthe first international tournament for the Masters modern pentathlon in Hurghada , from 3 till 6 March , which it is the importance of the effectiveness of this event is the participation of the tournament players from Africa, Asia and Europe. The tournament program is seeking re-sports tourism, so it was coordination between the Egyptian Federation of Masters and between Zenzo Sporting Club hosts the tournament Altogether 26 athletes from 6 countries and all age groups will take part in the competition. The competitors are divided into age groups competing in swimming, fencing, horse riding, shooting and running. Competition is held for Men & Women to play Pentathlon & Tetrathlon individual events. Also Men & Women Relays The countries, that are taking part in the events, are Great Britain, Germany, New Zealand, Palestine and Ukraine.
الحجم : 2.26 ميجا الحجم : 0.98 ميجا الحجم : 19.8 ميجا
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