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Governor of the Red Sea and the Russian ambassador to attend the opening ceremony of the Russian Consulate in Hurghada
 Maj. Gen. Ahmed Abdullah, governor of the Red Sea and the Russian ambassador in Cairo attended the opening of the Russian consulate in Hurghada ceremony, Governor emphasized during the opening ceremony that the Russian consulate in the Red Sea , to Hurghada Airport, the state authorities have led all the applications requested by the Russian security committees, and there are full satisfaction of all the committees that visited Hurghada Airport, adding that security measures Hurghada Airport is very high, the security and the Russian delegation will raise the report, so the Russian government to take a decision on the return trips again, stressing that all the tourist facilities are ready to receive the Russians, which is expected to resume in the coming period based on the reports of the security delegations who visited Egypt. The Russian ambassador in his speech in the opening ceremony said that the consulate will be in Russians residing service as well as the Egyptians wishing to travel to Russia Hurghada and consular began trial operations in receipt of Russian citizens residing requests in the Red Sea province Thursday before last, where he is scheduled to be working consulate in the coming period It will be fully including the issuance of visas and passports the end of next February, where the new Russian consulate has three diplomats and technical personnel. Russian Consul explained that Hurghada with large Russian community linked by family ties and smelting and ratios with the Egyptians, and that the goal of creating a new consulate in Hurghada is to defend the interests of Russian citizens residing within the Red Sea Governorate and arrivals as tourists, as well as the development of relations «Russian - Egyptian» in the fields of culture, economy and trade exchange. Maj. Gen. Ahmed Abdullah, governor of the Red Sea and the Russian ambassador in Cairo Sergei Kerthenko Russian consulate in Hurghada afternoon, this has seen the opening of the consulate ceremony attended by a large number of children of Russian community in Hurghada, next to a number of businessmen.
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