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Abdullah met with the African cadres delegation in Hurghada
 Maj. Gen. Ahmed Abdullah the governor of the Red Sea met this evening in the Office of the province, with a delegation from the African cadres working in the field of tourism during their visit to the city of Hurghada. This comes as part of efforts to restore the tourist movement through the substrate to improve the mental image and promotion of tourism destinations. This is noteworthy that African cadres course includes the number 30 the number of visitors from 26 countries and they are doing tourist tour in Hurghada on the sidelines of the training course they receive in the Ministry of Tourism. For his part, Mayor expressed his great pleasure for all attendees from the African delegation, stressing that thanks to those in charge of the coordination of the tour and attending to the land of Egypt, stressing the important role in the transfer of the image that they found on the land of Egypt to the African people of their role . Abdullah pointed out that African countries are strategic depth to Egypt - is Africa gateway to the EuroMediterranean countries and we are now in Egypt are working to strengthen cooperation with the friendly African countries and one of these visits links links and exchange of delegations and experiences. In a related context stressed the delegation of the African deep happiness as they found the land of Egypt, from the stunning views and tourist attractions. Interesting're very good on all the tourist aspects (scientific - Recreational) and the presence of security makes them feel safe throughout the day and when the transaction by the citizens and workers in the tourism sector in all the cities they visited . The delegation also stressed that they will participate every effort to remove all obstacles facing Egypt at the moment in the field of tourism development. Some of the delegation and directed questions to the governor of the Red Sea and answered them by adding to their confidence in the role of the government towards the convenience of tourists coming to Egypt in general and the province of the Red Sea in particular.
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