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Abdullah is heading to Sharm el-Sheikh for the launch of a new line
 Abdullah is heading to Sharm el-Sheikh for the launch of a new line Yesterday Maj. Gen. Ahmed Abdullah, governor of the Red sea , turned to the city of Sharm el-Sheikh on the ferry (no PSPs), to launch a new line of Hurghada - Sharm el-Sheikh, accompanied by Minister of Tourism, and the head of the Red Sea Ports Authority, and the Director General of the port of Hurghada, and it was received by the port of Sharm el-Sheikh, Major General Khaled Fouda, the governor of South Sinai and some security and executive leadership coastal county. And conducted conservative and is on the ferry several meetings made by the governor stressed on the importance of this experience which contributes to increased tourism and passenger traffic between Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh rates, as He referred to this experience contribute to the link between leisure tourism and cultural tourism where it is easy for tourists to visit Luxor's antiquities after their visit to the city of Hurghada, which contributes to increasing the number of nights tourists who are visiting the Red Sea resorts. On the other hand, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Abdullah added that the Red Sea Governorate bear in mind the increasing number of investments in various cities, especially in the field of tourism, and facilitating procedures for investors, stressing that Hurghada will see over the coming period, the regional economic conference, which will be attended by many investors from around the world .
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