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Tourism Statistics Workshop Concludes
 This workshop, which was held between November 17 and 19, discussed a number of topics regarding international definitions and concepts for tourism including definition of tourists, and the methods used in collection and dissemination of tourism statistics. The workshop also discussed approaches of issuing brochures and booklets containing key tourism statistics. Participants were also briefed about concepts, ideation and methodology used to implement field study. Commenting on the workshop Khalid Al-Mudhafar, Acting Director of Economic Statistics at NCSI said, "Organizing such workshops comes as part of the NCSI's efforts to enrich the mutual cooperation with regional and international organizations. We believe in the importance of training our staff though participating on such platforms which enable the exchange of knowledge and experience with international expertise in different fields of statistics." During the workshop, the Egyptian experience in conducting field surveys for religious tourism, local tourism and outbound tourism was displayed. The workshop also discussed concepts, definitions and methodology used in implementing field survey and in preparing survey forms, as well as Tourism Satellite Account. At the conclusion, the participants displayed Oman's experience in tourism statistics which was followed by a general discussion.
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