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Inauguration an official site to promote red sea tourism
 Based on the instruction of major general / Ahmed Abdullah red sea governor, an official site was launched to promote the tourism, "" also promoting the Egyptian tourism product international and increasing the numbers of coming tourist to red sea. Passports , immigration and nationality body reported that its available to grant visas compelling at the arrival ports for euro countries citizens ( Italy – France –Spain –Greece –Austria –Finland –Sweden – Norway -Denmark –Belgium –Netherlands –Luxembourg –Portugal) in addition to three countries united states of America , Japan and south corea as well the ten acceding countries to the European union newly ( Poland – Hungary –Lithuania – Estonia – Latvia –Cyprus – Slovakia –Malta –Czech –Slovenia ) and grant one month lodging in the arrival port K and after the arrival to the country its possible to permitted in lodging for tourism purpose as six months maximum .
الحجم : 2.26 ميجا الحجم : 0.98 ميجا الحجم : 19.8 ميجا
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