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Second International Festival of the Red Sea “Swimming and diving” Sept. 15 under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth
 The Ministry of Youth and Sports in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism organize festival for swimming and diving at Hurghada city, in the period from Sept. 15 to 22 of the same month. Dalia Tohamy the festival organizer explained, that the festival is scheduled in two phases – the first phase – sought diving instructor Egyptian “Mansour al-Sharif” to organize a record for the longest dive period of more than three days, to bypass 72 barrier hour, begins on the fifteenth of September, and expected exit from the water in the eighteenth of the same month. Second phase of the festival – will include the try of Russian swimmer “Ilya Mayski” for the longest swimming distance, start from the beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh to be up to Hurghada shores to conclude the festival with a big ceremony in support of the Egyptian-Russian relations, will attend the Prime Minister, Tourism Minister, Minister of Youth and Sports and some political leaders. Ahmed Salama the media adviser of the festival point out that the “Channel One” of the Russian TV will participate in the event coverage, and some of representatives from the Russian state, and some representatives of the German Embassy in Cairo, stressing that all the festival organizers and the state apparatus is making utmost to work with all professional and creativity for held of the festival is worthy of the status of Egypt, expressing the coming together of all media and executive authorities for the return of the longest dive “Genius record” to Egypt. Ali Sherbiny general organizer of the festival add that the festival is to be launch at “Sunny Days Palacio Hurghada.”
الحجم : 2.26 ميجا الحجم : 0.98 ميجا الحجم : 19.8 ميجا
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