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First International “Miss Mermaid 2015” at Sheraton Soma Bay this September
 Always be yourself – unless you can be a mermaid! At the official Miss Mermaid contest from September 26 till October 05, 2015 in the Sheraton Soma Bay. Soma Bay and its absurdly blue waters will be hosting the finals of Miss Mermaid 2015, an international modelling competition, from September the 26th until October 5th. According to Miss Mermaid’s press release, “A professional jury will evaluate each finalist‘s mermaid look, charisma and brainpower in an interview situation, outfit creativity, underwater mermaid posing as well as sportiness in the disciplines swimming and diving.” Underwater. And at the end of all this, the final girls/women/merladies, who have been dubbed The Daughters of Poseidon by the way, will be crowned at an extravagant gala at the Sheraton Soma bay with VIPs and international media in attendance; the likes of Nemo, Flipper, and Ariel’s third sister will be present. Related Posts
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