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Hurghada port receives 139 tourist
  Mr. Abd ElReheem Mustafa, media spokesman of Red Sea port authority has stated Friday that Hurghada port at Red Sea governorate received the tourist vessel “Star Bird” on board of which 139 tourist of different nationalities coming from Jordan Aquaba port, Maritime Transport Sector said in its press release. Mustafa also added that Safaga port has received the vessel” Horria” on board of which 16 trucks, whereas the ferry “Massara” has departed it with475 passenger, 14cars,16 trucks and the vessel “nama express” with 59trucks and the vessel ”Bosidon Express” with 35 trucks.. Whereas Port Tawfik port has witnessed the departure of the vessel “Egyptian Degenty” on board of which 6 thousand tons of general cargo directed to Jeddah port. He also declared that Nuweiba’ port South Sinai has witnessed the arrival of the ferry “Eyla” with 364 passenger, 10trucks,two cars and two buses, also received the vessel “Sinai” with 122 passenger 45 of which are pilgrims, one pilgrimage bus,36trucks and departed with 40 passenger and 39 trucks.
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