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"Jabal El-Dukhan" Archaeological area have not discovered yet
 To rediscover the preservation of archaeological and tourist areas, under the auspices of General / Ahmed Abdullah, Governor of the Red Sea Tourism Management organized to maintain the participation of union tour guides an expedition to Mount area smoke and adorable and well, which is located 65 km north-west of Hurghada. The area is of archaeological areas and dating to the third century AD back in the era of the Roman Emperor "Diocletian" and containing the remains of the Temple of Sgiromedinh workers and tombs, as it is rich in multiple types of medicinal plants, animals and rare birds. The Romans use to extract the region Kmahgr stone porphyry rare purple Superman known as "the imperial stone" and established the Roman city workers to cut the stone and exported through the small port called "Abu Fort hair. " Participated expedition director of the Office of Pharaonic Red Sea, the effects of the of the Ministry of Antiquities and a representative of the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Activation captain guides and a number of tour guides for major tourist companies .walven unanimously agreed that the area is the tourist destination distinctive can work programs for Safari has contributed to attract tourists and boost the national income And requires the region to revive the restoration of the Temple by the Roman mission of the Ministry of Antiquities and the work necessary for processing studies for the reception of tourists and tourist trips included in the companies as a tourist destination historic Red Sea.
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