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First International Red Sea Festival for Swimming and diving
 Organized the First International Festival of the Red Sea for swimming and diving management, a press conference the light Hilton Hotel Palmmhy tourist city of Hurghada, which will be on 4-6 month of June. She spoke Dalia tohami festival scheduled during the conference about the importance of the festival, which is the first of its kind to activate tourism and strengthened, and that the event throws all the support of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, President of the Republic, the Minister of Tourism, Youth and Sports and the Governor of the Red Sea. And presented during the conference presentations and events on which the festival is the most important figures of the first festival Russian swimmer (ellya miysky ) will swim from the city of Sharm el-Sheikh to Hurghada, noting that it will start from Ras Mohammed area, and the distance that will be conducted by an 72 kilometers any 36 miles, pointing out that the number of hours calculated for swimming 26 hours, noting that there are procedures for insurance swimmer during his journey from loans Sea, where divers will be accompanied by 4, was the use of modern equipment away sharks with him. The second event of the festival is the longest in the world will dip by the Egyptian diver (walaa Hafez), to break the record in the Guinness Book of Records. She added that the festival includes many performances and competitions, as well as many concerts which offers Egyptian and Russian that will strengthen relations between Egypt and Russia, and stimulate tourism to Egypt and the return strongly again.
الحجم : 2.26 ميجا الحجم : 0.98 ميجا الحجم : 19.8 ميجا
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