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The two voices are achieved by using two alarm springs. I was pretty curious how Casio achieved such a loud alarm on a G-Shock and still have a 20 Bar water resistance. It gives water resistance up to 200 meter. For the hourly chime you can choose between two signals. An average G-Shock has two tones. In the past I have read the question if it was possible to make a louder alarm on a G-Shock. Off course the Backlight Alarm is normally called “Flash Function”, but like the Contact Code, “The Names have been changed to protect the Innocent”. “There is room to grow the G-Shock brand in Asia,” Mr. Masuda said, adding that revived designs — like the recent metallic version of the classic black 1983 model — and collaborations also do well. The room between the loudspeaker and the back acts as a resonance box, which explain the hard sound of this watch.

The loudspeaker is not attached under the back plate, but is a special plate, which is pressed hard against the runner seal by the back, when the watch is closed. A mysterious big metal disk devides the loudspeaker part from the module. Another CR2016 battery. After resetting the module I put a little silicon grease on the gasket, before I close the watch in reversed order. Module 691 were used from 1987 to the early 1990s and module 901 were used from 1990 onwards. Further the Codename has a simple Alarm Function and a 24 hour Stopwatch function. Next there is the usual 24 hour Stopwatch function. The last function that you find on this watch is the Memo Mode. The watch is easy to read in the dark, thanks to the full auto LED with afterglow. A big thanks to Jerry who started this and Alan who donated this second G-Shock for this purpose.

You can go wherever you want without having to set the time on the Frogman, thanks to Multiband atomic timekeeping. What is date and time in computer? When a Day Counter record date has reached, the display shows “DAYS” flashing under the seconds. You can also change the date and day by doing one at a time. You can see how the retaining screw that held the strap to the case came undone and disappeared over time. Often they came with the same models, but another patch and sometimes there were other models released in Japan than overseas. About today’s GM-100 model, the GM-100-8JF to be more exact, I m not sure if it was released overseas. The design of this GM-100 is inspired Rock (“Lock”) music. The GM-100 is a bit different. The functions on this watch are a also a bit different from what you find on a regular G-Shock.

The AC contact is a bit hard to find, but it is there. The input procedure is the same as the Contact Mode. The first mode you enter when you leave the Time Keeping mode is the Day Counter. I always have the hourly chime on, as I seem to forget time often, and so I had turned it on on this watch, though I actually don’t wear it. They may happily buy multiple watches, but the watches they do have don't get superseded. Established in 1957, Casio America, Inc. markets calculators, keyboards, mobile presentation devices, disc title and label printers, watches, cash registers and other consumer electronic products. For those who think: “What the heck are the G’Mix series”, you might have heard of the Tough Label series, but even that series haven’t come with new models for a long time. The MTGB1000D-1A keeps accurate time anywhere in the world using the Connected Engine module, which connects to a time server via a paired smartphone or using radio wave time-calibration signals. The watch is programmed with 41 world time zones. Remarkable is to see there are small holes in the back of the watch. When activated, the backlight flashes when an alarm sound is produced (except when scrolling through the modes) and a small star like symbol (photo below) appears in the display.





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