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The common belief that beauty is only for women is starting to change. Recently, more and more beauty products have been designed for men and developed specifically for men.

In such a situation, products for men are beginning to appear in the market, even in the field of facial devices, which has so far only been for women. However, the number of men who actually use facial equipment is still in the minority. However, considering the fact that men's beauty is taking root, we can expect this movement to accelerate in the future.

So, in this article, we will discuss Face Lifters, Facial Rollers and LED Beauty Devices. The following is an introduction to the latest facial devices, divided into 3 categories

Lift-up Facial Device (EMS/RF)

A lift-up facial instrument is a beauty item that stimulates the skin to improve its elasticity and firmness. The skin is stimulated by EMS (electrical stimulation) and RF (radio frequency), which are also used in abdominal muscle belts.

Lift-up facial equipment that uses EMS aims to tighten the skin by stimulating the facial muscles. This helps to stimulate facial muscles that are difficult to move in daily life, and is expected to give elasticity and firmness to skin that is losing its firmness as it ages.

The lift-up facial equipment that uses "RF" can be expected to soften hardened fat by warming the skin. This will also lead to the improvement of elasticity and firmness of the skin. The basic form has been to apply it to the skin and massage it, but recently there are also mask types that are worn on the face, and brush-shaped types that are used on the scalp.

L&L VIA RF Skin Tightening Device

This is a RF facial device that is worn on the face. It uses EMS to strengthen the zygomaticis major muscle, which affects the impression of the face. The masseter muscle, which is normally used for chewing, is then stretched appropriately.

The advantage is that both hands are free once the device is attached to the face, so it can be used while working or doing housework at home. Moreover, this is waterproof, so it can be used in the bath.

Eye Mask

This is a special eye mask for the eye area from the Medi-Lift series, which uses EMS to train facial muscles, with two types of EMS movements that can be selected to train the orbicularis oculi muscle around the eyes and the temporalis muscle at the temples, or to comfortably stimulate and relax them.

It is also equipped with a heater that heats up to 40 degrees Celsius, so it can comfortably soothe tired eyes after a hard day's work. It is a hands-free facial care device.

Panasonic RF Facial Machine EH-SR72

This facial machine combines RF (radio frequency) and ultrasonic waves to focus on anti-aging care. As it is a handy type, it can be used around the eyes, mouth, fine lines, facial lines, and other areas of concern.

The RF uses a frequency of 1MHz, which is also used in beauty clinics, to warm the skin gently and work deeply into the skin. At the same time, the ultrasonic waves vibrate about 1 million times per second to tighten the skin. The price is affordable and can be used for a wide range of areas, making it a good choice for a first time facial care product.

Facial Massager

A face massager is used by rolling it along the face line, pulling it up from the bottom to the top. This has become a standard beauty item among women. By continuing to use it, you can expect your skin to look firmer and tighter.

It looks like you are simply rolling the massager, but when you actually use it, it rolls while gripping the skin appropriately, and many first-time users are surprised at its massaging effect. Depending on the type, it can be used not only on the face but also on the neck and body.

L&L Skin MIO2 Facial Massager

This is an electric facial massager for both men and women, with two rollers in a Y-shape, a standard and easy-to-use shape that is recommended for first-time users.

It fits the shape of the face and can be used to massage the skin by pinching it, thereby relaxing the facial muscles, improving blood circulation, and reducing the accumulation of waste products. It is recommended for people who are concerned about facial elasticity.

The gunmetal-like color of the body was thoughtfully designed to prevent stains from standing out, based on user feedback. It is also recommended as an introductory product.

LED Beauty Device

LED light beauty devices, also called optical hair removal devices or flash hair removal devices, are so-called home-use hair removal devices. This method uses light to damage the "source" of hair at the root of the hair, and is milder in effect than the laser epilators used for medical purposes.

Unlike women, men need to have their beards trimmed to give a good impression of their face. However, because of the concentration of nerves around the mouth, laser hair removal can be painful to the point of tears. For this reason, more and more people are using optical hair removal devices that are relatively painless and well tolerated.

Panasonic Hikari Esthetic ES-WP98

This is the most powerful optical beauty device Panasonic has ever released. It is 20% more powerful than its predecessor, thanks to the adoption of the Strong Light System, which is highly effective even on men's stubborn beards.

This face beauty tool is specially designed for use on the face, making it easy to use even in tight spaces such as under the nose. It also has attachments for the I-zone and O-zone, so it is recommended for people who want to clean their entire body. Designed to be easy to use on the face, light beauty equipment that can be used even in the VIO zone is actually a precious thing.


Unlike women, there are still a minority of men who even wear makeup properly. In other words, most men have to compete with a bare face. It is precisely because of such men that we may think that the effects of facial care products are great. Why don't you use this article as a reference to incorporate facial equipment into your daily skin care routine?





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