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Part of the History creation and development of Instagram 









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Part of the History creation and development of Instagram

In the summer of 2010, the creator of Instagram Kevin Systrom was so carried away by thinking over the concept of his brainchild that he completely forgot to relax. Seeking to rectify the situation - and make amends to his girlfriend, Nicole Schutz, who had long been promised a joint trip - Sistrom arranged a trip to the Mexican village of Todos Santos. During the evening promenade, Nicole unexpectedly told Kevin that she would not use the application he was working on. If you are interested how to see my likes on instagram usу snoopreport. The reason was very prosaic: the girl believed that she would never succeed in photographing as cool as one of their mutual friend. Systrom said: “Do you know why he gets such cool photos?” “He is just a good photographer. From nature, ”Nicole insisted. “Nah, he runs his shots through the filters,” retorted Kevin. “Then you guys need filters,” - the girl noticed. “Hm, this is an idea ...” Systrom said thoughtfully. Two years later, this retrospective idea made

Systrom a multimillionaire.

The explosive growth of Instagram is a classic fairy tale born in Silicon
(or Siliconova, if you like it more) valley, an amazing story of a company that has gained stunning momentum in a few months. The initial development of the application before launching on iOS took only eight weeks, and after about a year and a half, Facebook acquired Instagram for a billion dollars in cash and shares. And - like all interesting tales - this story had many plot twists.

Instagram is a free visual content sharing application that allows users to do almost everything related to photos, videos, instant stories and live broadcasts, and share the results of their work on Instagram itself and a number of other social networks. At the time of writing LongRead(January 2016) in the world there are more than 600 million users of the service.

The magic of Instagram filters gives your phone photos a stylish look.
One touch of the screen turns a banal sunset into a postcard from the tropics, makes an unheated burger touching, or causes nostalgia for taking a picture of an old bicycle. Kevin Systrom was one of the first to prove the thesis that the digital economy in our time is developing much faster and makes much more profit than the real sector. But there are always hundreds of prerequisites for this. Also interesting app is instagram spy app. “Submit the Make It Interesting button on Twitter and the Make It Smart button on Tumblr. Previously, most photo applications asked you some questions. They invited you to be a producer and actor. Instagram took over cooking the magic sauce. ”

“Present on Twitter the“ Make Interesting ”button, and on Tumblr the“ Make Smart ”button. Previously, most photo applications asked you some questions. They invited you to be a producer and actor. Instagram took over cooking the magic sauce. ”

Stanford dude
Kevin was born in December 1983 in Massachusetts Halliston. He is a classic WASP - ("white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant") - generations of his ancestors lived in the northeastern United States and worked in large corporations. His father, Douglas, at the time of his son’s birth, worked at the Regional Bank of New England as a specialist in Human Resources, and before that, as vice president of HR at the TJX retailer of fashion clothes and home furnishings. Mother Diana has been involved in marketing for the past 30 years: first, she took part in the creation of one of the world's largest job search and staff sites Monster.com, and then moved to the Zipcar car sharing service. 

The family was quite wealthy, and parents were able to arrange Kevin for $ 46 thousand a year in the prestigious (only 375 students study in it) Middlesex private school (not one in the county in England, but one in which the county in Massachusetts is the tenth largest in the USA in numbers millionaires). At another time, the same school graduated from Pulitzer laureate Conrad Aiken, actor Steve Carell and a couple of candidates for US Vice Presidents - Henry Cabot Lodge and William Weld.
The origin and study of Kevin had a strong influence on his style. Most men in IT love loose clothing. Systrom is not like that.

“I'm probably the only guy in Silicon Valley who loves to wear a jacket and tie - and does it without banter,” says Kevin.
- All of us - and Tesla, and Facebook, and Google - care about continuous product development.
Nevertheless, they will look at you condescendingly if they find out that you spend time creating an actual bow. I never liked this contrast. ”

Kevin admits that he feels more comfortable being buttoned up - this is from his school. “It was forbidden to wear jeans there,” Systrom recalls. “We had to wear classic khaki pants and collar shirts.” I think that the school ultimately shaped my style. ” But the relaxed California coast also influenced his taste. Kevin quite often sets off a classic Brioni costume with a pair of sneakers.
The fact that these are Lanvin sneakers, and not New Balance sneakers, suggests that Sistrom is actively involved in the fashion industry, which, in turn, sincerely glorifies Instagram. In 2015, in Paris, he met the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, LVMH Executive Director Delphine Arnault and Louis Vuitton designer Nicolas Geschier. Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour helped him pick up a bow for a costume institute gala evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And yes, Kevin was awarded the Council of Fashion Designers of the United States.

Illustration of Isaac Bonan

The world of programming gradually captivated Kevin as a child - he himself created levels for the second part of Doom (his uncle, who worked as a software developer, sometimes gave a teenager a laptop to work out programming skills) . Later, Sistrom began to write comic programs and try them on friends: for example, one of these programs supposedly hacked accounts in AOL Instant Messenger (then someone complained to the provider, and the Sistroms' house was disconnected from the Internet) . This immortal love of technology was transmitted to Kevin, including from his mother, who fell into the technological universe at the stage of origin.
Nevertheless, the first work of Systrom was, as usual, radically far from technology. At school, Kevin was obsessed with becoming a DJ and ended up obsessing with Boston Beat, an old-school vinyl record store. The teenager actively spammed them with emails with a proposal to take him to work, and the store eventually signed Systrom for several hours a week.

When it came time to go to college, Kevin did not hesitate to choose Stanford University. It’s an obvious choice, given the fact that Stanford has an impressive list of technical specialties, as well as strong ties to Silicon Valley. Systrom began his studies in Computer Science, but later transferred to Management Science and Engineering, since CS courses seemed too academic, and MS focused on applied disciplines.





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